Sunday, June 25, 2006

T-Mobile Announces HSDPA Service

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The following data rates, offered via HSDPA mobile and over the wide area (i.e. not Wi-Fi) would have sounded like science-fiction just a few years ago:
  • Initially (Q3/4 this year) with a download speed of 1.8Mbps everywhere in the cell, compared to just 384kbps (up and downlink) for standard 3G.
  • Next year 3.6Mbps download nearest the base station, degrading as the subscriber moves out to the edge of the cell,
  • By the end of next year, 7.2Mbps download out to the cell edge, together with 1Mbps uplink using HSUPA.
I'd caution that an over-the-air rate offered everywhere does not translate to the same user rate everywhere, just as 11 or 54Mbps advertised on your Wi-Fi client does not translate to anything like that if the channel is busy or if you are suffering interference. Nevertheless, these are impressive numbers. How long until that kind of rate is widely available via Mobile WiMax?

See here for the full article (you'll need to register with ComputerWire).

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